Historical Place

Villa San Michele and the Axel Munthe Museum Certosa

St. Michael is a Swedish cultural institution with its headquarters on the isle of Capri which, in addition to the Villa St. Michael it also includes a museum surrounded by a garden of rare beauty, various lodgings for Swedish writers, artists, scientists and researchers and a natural park “Mount Barbarossa “ for the protection of migratory birds and the Mediterranean vegetation.

Certosa di San Giacomo

While Villa Jovis from the height of Mount Tiberius expresses and sums up Capri’s imperial period, the Certosa, surrounded by its extended buildings within the narrow valley between the Castiglione and the Tuoro hills, expresses the mediaeval and monastic period of Capri in its most noble and monumental form.

Via Krupp – Augustus’ Garden

This road was an idea of the German steel industrialist A.F. Krupp, who to this end purchased the “Fondo Certosa” (Certosa Estate), where part of the Gardens of Augustus is located.
The road, which was built in 1902 on a project carried out by Emilio Mayer, starts here and characteristically zig-zags its way to Marina Piccola.
According to the architect R. Pane, it proves “that even a road can be a work of art, not just metaphorically speaking, but in the true aesthetic meaning of the world”.

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